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Patient & Visitor Guide

The Patient and Visitor Guide helps you to understand better on how we are prepared to help and serve you better. 

A brief outline on the various service touch points are shared for your understanding. 

You can still meet and speak to our patient relations team for further queries.

Patient & Visitor Guide

1. Registration


MR Number : Unique Hospital ID numbers (MR numbers) are generated during patient registration.


On your first visit : Patients need to be registered with valid ID proof.


Subsequent Visits : Patient registration card with unique ID No. is to be presented in the hospital to avail the service easily. In case the Card is lost, please contact the nearest help desk.


2. Admission Policy 


Admission Criteria : Patients are admitted only if their treatment falls within the scope of the hospital's services.


Admission Desk: Our Dedicated admission desk ensures hassle free admission process.


Room Selection:Patients can select from available room categories. (General Ward, Twin Sharing, Non AC rooms, AC Rooms, Deluxe AC Rooms,Suite Rooms)


Counseling: Patients receive counseling from the Finance Counselor about the estimated bill amount, average length of stay, accepted payment methods, and requirements for planned admissions.


3. Visitors Policy


Rooms 4.30 PM – 6.30 PM


ICU 8.30 AM – 9.00 AM / 5.00 PM – 5.30 PM


Only one visitor per patient will be allowed

Visitors will be restricted in case of any pandemic or other emergency situations.


4. Bystander Policy


Bystander’s pass and ID band will be issued at the time of admission.

Renew bystander pass every 7th day of the stay.

Only one bystander is permitted at all times with the patient in the hospital.


5. Nutrition and Diet


Outside food will not be allowed to ensure patient safety.

A room service staff shall come to take the orders every day.

If a patient has special dietary requirements as part of the care plan, dietitian will evaluate and the prescribed diet will be served to

your room.


6. Eateries


Mar Sleeva Food Court (Restaurant) : Located in the First Floor and is  open from 6.00 am to 9.30 pm.

Café du Palai (Coffee Shop) : Located in the Ground Floor and is  open from 9.30 am to 6.00 pm.

24×7 Irish Cafe (Coffee Shop) : Located near Emergency Gate


7. Needs and Gift Shops


Mar Sleeva Mart : Located in Ground Floor open from 9.00 am to 5.30 pm except Sundays.


Mar Sleeva Family Mart : Located near Emergency Gate Open from 9.30 am to 8.00 pm except Sunday. Room side delivery is provided.Contact number: +91 8281699254

8. Valet Parking


Valet parking facility is provided. Service charge will be applicable.

For services call us on (+91) 8606966521


9. Happy to Help


A dedicated  team will be available 24*7 to full fill the patient /bystander  requirements.


10. Infection Control Guidelines


Wash hands before and after patient contact

Wear gloves and mask, whenever necessary

Avoid visiting patients if you are sick or if have an open wound.

Always keep the door closed

No medication from outside should be taken into patient rooms

Children below 12 yrs of age are advised not to visit admitted patients.

Follow instructions of staff on disposal of medical waste.


11. Safety Guidelines


Maintain a quiet environment and avoid unnecessary noise

Entire hospital and premises are strictly non smoking area

Please keep the windows in AC room closed.

Don’t permit children into balconies

Familiarize with the locations of FIRE Exits which are clearly marked

Floor plans and Direction boards are displayed at prominent location.

12 . Chapel


The hospital offers a serene chapel for patients, families, and staff, providing a peaceful  space for prayer, meditation, and reflection. Spiritual fathers are available to offer support, guidance, and comfort, Creating an environment that fosters healing, emotional well-being, and a connection with one's faith.


General Instructions


Violence against medical, paramedical, other hospital staff and damage to hospital property are punishable offences.

Smoking and drinking (alcohol) in the hospital are criminal offence and such are strictly prohibited.

Photography & Videography using any devices including camera and mobile phone is strictly prohibited in hospital premises

We are for your service, and tips are not received .

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